Important information on the impact of Covid-19 for your tax processing

If your return has already been filed and you are expecting a refund. There is nothing you need to do.  The IRS and state departments of revenue are still fully operational for refund processing.

For everyone else the tax return deadline has been changed to July 15.  This applies to both the federal return and most state returns including Arizona and California.

If you have an upcoming appointment.   We are now seeing clients in the office again on an appointment only basis.  I highly encourage anyone with concerns and especially those in high-risk groups to either postpone the appointment or change it over to a phone/video call.  There are a number of ways to send us information digitally and for those more comfortable with paper documents you can mail them or drop them in the bag on the office door.  I encourage you to drop off the information when we are in the office so feel free to contact us beforehand.  If you have not already scheduled your appointment, we are full through July 15.  Please contact the office so we can complete an extension for you.

When your return is complete.  We can no longer have signing in the office under the current guidelines.  If you have sent us paper documents we will mail those back with signature pages along with a return envelope.  If you sent us digital documents we will send your signature request through DocuSign.

If you owe taxes.  With the deadline changed to July 15, this means you do not need to pay 2019 tax due until then.  If you owe quarterly taxes the 1st quarter April 15 and the 2nd quarter June 15 payments are now due July 15 for federal.  However, Arizona has not changed their quarterly due dates so they remain April 15 and June 15.